„we „IMAGE(i)ne” and accomplish it!”

the story of FOTO-DA

We formed FOTO-DA Stúdió Kft. in 1992 – with more than 10 years of professional experience at that time - with the goal of providing high quality service to our customers in applied photoghraphy (product photos, advertisement photos, food photos and jewellery photos) in order save time and money for them. Today with a skilled team, in a studio situated in Buda in a pleasant environment equipped with modern hardware – HASSELBLAD, and NIKON cameras, 5000 W overall performance ELINCHROM lights – we are undertaking extraordinary tasks. Our keywords include Quality, Maximalism and Elegance. We love challenges so much that we provide learning opportunity to beginner- and advanced photographers as well. We have hosted workshops collaborating with Artwork Photo Kft., and WAW – Wolf Art Work Fotóstúdió. For those who are into a rather more intensive, more serious education, we offer individual, personalized learning courses in object-, and food photography. The course is currently available only for hungarians.
Our food photos are taken with the contribution of Csaba Hunyaddobrai, László Szabó, László Boris master chefs. The dishes are made of exclusively natural ingredients, we avoid chemicals, thus every dish can be consumed 100%. Several advertisements and billboards would not have been born without us. As per special requests we took photos of some remarkable Hungarian celebrities like Dóra 
Kalmár Nagy and Kornél Dávid basketball players; Balázs Szalay, György Makai, Balázs Benik race car drivers; Zoltán Gera football player; and Katalin Kovács Olympic gold medalist kayaker. Once we made a group photo of 160 people during the night on Halászbástya with full studio lights. Beyond photography, we deal with the graphic design, and printing of publications. With our work we support several non-profit organizations – including Hegyvidék Fotókör.


Our company worked together with numerous others during it’s close to 30 years of existence. Without the need for completeness:

ADEN Cosmetics Kft.,  Axelspringer Kft., Brico Store, BUSZESZ Zrt., Daniel-Ray, Debreceni Hús Zrt., Delta Electronic Kft., Dőki Design Kft., Eispro Kft., Ékszerkoktél, Gattorade, Gergely Kft., Globus Zrt., Gyulahús Kft., Házépítés Magazin, Hegyvidék Lapkiadó, InterSpar üzletlánc, Knorr, Kotányi, LIDL Magyarország Kereskedelmi Bt., Lipton, Magyar Konyha, Nemzeti Tankönyv Kiadó, Nostre Cose Kft., Otthon Magazin, Partner in Pet Food Kft., Porsche Hungária, Rama, Schlossgold, Somogyi Electronic, Szalay Könyvkiadó, Szolnoki Hús Zrt., Tupperware Kft., Unilever Magyarország Kft., Univer, USA Audio Kft., Varga Pincészet Kft., Volvo Ivanics Kft., Wildwasser Bt., XII. kerületi Helytörténeti Gyűjtemény

Tamás Balogh
ifj. Balogh Tamás
Balázs Zsanett


The creation of a tasteful picture relies 90% on knowledge and 10% on equipment...

Hasselblad H3DII-39

Hasselblad HC 120mm Macro f/4 Hasselblad HC 80mm f/2,8

Nikon D750

Nikon 28-70mm f/2.8 ED AF-S


Elinchrom Micro 3000 W Elinchrom Micro 2400 W